When choosing a contractor there are several things that you should consider:

When you have work done to your home it is very important to have the work done correctly.  It is also important the work is done the way it was described to you. MIB Remodeling has had many customers tell us that "it is a breath of fresh air that we actually do what we say".  Most customers have had an experience where they are told one thing and something else happens.  They feel that they have to watch everything that goes on.  The simplest example of this is when a customer wants to upgrade from sheet vinyl to tile.  They get told that the sheet vinyl will be removed; then when the workers show up they install the tile on top of the sheet vinyl.   MIB Remodeling upholds the highest level of standards and realizes that there will be future problems if this method is used. Even if you purchase the correct thin set to adhere to the sheet vinyl, the tile will crack and come up because sheet vinyl is not designed for this. The customer knows that they can trust MIB Remodeling and  that the job will be done correctly.  We will not cut corners, we will provide a premium product.

When it comes to the products used for a project, there can be many different grades.  MIB does not believe in using “cheap” or inferior grade products.   We prove this to our customers by guaranteeing our work with a two year labor guarantee.  Yes, our customers can go to “Cheap Discount Stores” and buy natural stone for cheap.  However, these are usually of inferior quality.  Because of the way MIB prices our materials, it is usually not much more to use the top of the line products.  

When it comes to the contractor, or the sub-contractor that may be hired on behalf of the contractor, it is important  to make sure they are insured or can be bonded.  You should always ask for proof of insurance or proof that they can be bonded. MIB Remodeling is insured and can be bonded.
Never pay for anything unless you have a contract and never pay for the whole project up-front.  At the beginning of the project you should only pay for the materials or 50% of the total projects cost.  MIB will normally ask for payment when materials are ordered for your job, not any sooner. 

Does the contractor help you make decisions or do they expect you to pick everything out by yourself?  Often people ask why their contractor is not helping them while MIB is showing their customers around at our wholesalers. MIB thinks it is very important to help you with your decision making because we are the professional with experience. 

Does the contractor stand behind their work? 

Are your questions answered satisfactorily and are thorough explanations given?   You should always understand what is going to take place.  This is the only way to Make IBeautiful for you.

The lowest bid is not always the best. You need to understand what that bid does and does not include and what quality of products will be used. While price does matter to most people, it is the quality of the work that counts the most. If something has to be repaired multiple times because of poor workmanship, then it will cost you more in the long run. MIB Remodeling provides high quality work the first time.

Finally we want to explain what “insured” and “bonded” are.   Insurance protects you in the event that something happens during the work process that needs to be fixed when the contractor cannot fix it himself.  A Bond ensures that a contractor does what is supposed to be completed. If a contractor leaves in the middle of the job, a Bond can be exercised and it will pay to have another contractor finish the job. A Bond can be purchased for every job.  A Bond is not given through a city. One other important thing about a Bond is that not everyone can get one because it is based on the contractors’ credit. The contractor has to have great credit in order to get a Bond.  If the contractor can get a Bond it will help you to make a good choice because a bad contractor does not normally have great credit. 
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